Calgary Alberta October Real Estate Update

Rod Forsythe’s insights on the Calgary market for September 2011.

September Data for the Calgary Real estate market 2011

The Calgary Real Estate market is looking a lot like a market that is waiting to get going somewhere; this market has been rock solid over the past year and it looks like average sales #s will continue at this pace for a while. The strong news in the Calgary Market is that properties over $1 million dollars are still outpacing the rest of the market in fact sales are up about 20% in this category over 2010.

A wise man once said “if you wait to see what everyone else does you will be behind when they do something”. Maybe think about what the experts are saying, the average home price has remained the same for the last year or so, the world economy isn’t doing very well and the prices of Calgary Real Estate haven’t softened in over a year, Calgary Oil companies are already worried about finding enough staff for 2012 & 2013 and if you are set up in a strong financial position or just thinking of getting into this market the mortgage rates are at historic lows.

My Team and I would love to help you with your Real Estate and are proud to continue to help people buy and sell great homes in and around Calgary including Bearspaw, Springbank, Cochrane and Airdrie.

Quote for the month
“Wake up when you open your eyes. Go to bed a half hour earlier. Listen with care to those speaking to you. Treat your body to a great diet; remember our bodies are the most magical creation on the planet. Learn something new and share it, read a great book and post a review. Call a friend and say hello. Schedule what you love to do and do it. When you shake someone’s hand make sure you look into there eyes and say hello to their soul as well, Laugh out loud and smile at a stranger.
Roddy Forsythe

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In today’s Calgary Real Estate market, your choice of a Realtor does matter! For success in the current market, experience, passion and attention to detail is critical. If you think we might be a fit for you, please give us a call! 403.777.1040 / The Rod Forsythe Group Real Estate Professionals / Calgary Alberta Canada

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