Calgary Alberta Canada Real estate Update for May 2013 by Rod Forsythe Keller Williams Luxury

CALGARY, Alberta. Canada — Calgary’s resale housing market activity for May 2013. Presented By Rod Forsythe// Keller Williams Luxury Homes
According to the Calgary Real Estate Board, new levels were reached during the month for median and average MLS sale prices in the single-family market as well as for total residential sales in the city.
Also, the month had the highest number of luxury home sales more than $1 million. There were 84 luxury home sales in May, besting the record for any month which was previously 80 in May 2012.
Rod Forsythe of Keller Williams Luxury has been through over 200 homes from $900 to $2.5 million in the past year and has observed good activity in the $1 to $2.5 million dollar price range. The Luxury market is seeing an increased demand for inner-city luxury homes with areas such as Varsity Village, Varsity Estates, Hillhurst, West Hillhurst, Parkdale, Edgemont, The Hamptons, Mount Royal, Elbow Park, Crescent Heights, Altadore, South Calgary and Parkdale some of the most coveted close in neighbourhoods for homebuyers who are seeking superb “fit and finish” as one of Rod’s great clients puts it. It’s a lifestyle choice towards Downtown that allows people less travel time in our busy world.
“Today’s Calgary’s real estate market continues to perform at a pace around 2005 numbers and this is a welcome sign to many businesses, starter to average single-family home sales are picking up again after the mortgage changes last summer and this bodes well for the confidence in both buyers and sellers. Inventory will begin to show up again after the abysmal weather this Spring and a more balanced market for inventory will probably be back in the late summer or fall” Says Rod.
The average sale price of a single-family home in May reached a record of $521,887, eclipsing the previous mark of $518,604 which was set in March of this year. Average sale prices during the month were up 4.03 per cent from a year ago. The median price was also a record at $454,400, up 4.24 per cent from last year. The previous median price record was $450,000 in March of this year. The benchmark price in May, looking at typical properties sold, was up 6.88 per cent to $456,900.
Record prices were also set in May for total MLS residential sales in the city with the average price at $462,076, up 3.83 per cent from last year, and the median price at $406,500, up 4.23 per cent from May 2012. Remember we also had the best Luxury sales above $1,000,000 in May of 2013.
Previous record prices for total MLS residential sales were set in March of this year at $460,903 for the average and $403,000 for the median. The benchmark price in May was up 6.89 per cent to $409,600.
In May, total MLS sales were 3316 and that is in line with the activity we witnessed in May 05 (06 and 07 sales were 10% higher than these numbers)
“Tighter mortgage rules impacted what buyers could afford to purchase in the Calgary market,” said Ann-Marie Lurie, CREB®’s chief economist. “And while the majority of buyers are purchasing single-family homes, the attractive price point has improved demand for condominiums.”
All of this information was gathered from many sources including the Calgary Herald and the Calgary Real estate Board
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Calgary Real Estate update for April 2013 by Rod Forsythe

Rod Forsythe’s Calgary Real Estate market Update for April 2013

Calgary’s residential real estate market was more seller focused this March with 20% fewer listings available than in of March 2012. A lack of inventory tends to create a busier looking market than it actually is. Market conditions are a far cry from activity witnessed throughout the frenzy in 2006 and 2007, in fact unit sales in Calgary are still trending under the 10 year average. Homes under $500,000 are in limited supply and with the Spring in full bloom people just need to be a little patient for new listings to show up. The Luxury market in Calgary has had a hand in price increases; the plus $800,000 market is up in unit sales by a staggering 28% over this time last year. In Calgary with the snow finally leaving the ground the Spring inventory will continue to increase. April has already seen a 14% increase in new listings compared to last April. Average price increase year over year in the total Calgary real Estate Market stands at a 6.09% increase over the 2012 average price.
Rod Forsythe
Managing Partner // The Forsythe Group

Keller Williams // Calgary Ab Canada 403.777.1040 //

#1 Keller Williams agent in Alberta 2010, 2011 & 2012. #9 Keller Williams agent in Canada 2012

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Calgary Real Estate Stats for January 2013

Rod Forsythe’s January 2013 Calgary Real Estate ReportImage

Calgary’s real estate market is still climbing back to normal. The newspapers are saying how great the Calgary market is doing and they are correct if you use 2009-2012 sales numbers. The real story is Calgary is still climbing back and has slowly recovering since mid-2010.

The inventory today is quite a bit below normal. This is a low amount of inventory for the beginning of any year. The average price for a single family home in January ended up at $437,769; the average condo price is $280,273 and the average days on market for a listing in January was about 47 days.

Country residential property sales remained constant year over year and a rock solid year is expected.

With net migration happening in Alberta again, the price of oil and gas and the fact that 20% more properties sold for more than a million dollars in 2012 than in the past few years it seems as if this market will continue to grow.

If you’re thinking about buying or selling real estate again in Calgary this could be a good time to reengage.  Timing might be perfect to move across the market, move up in this market or sell your home and buy a place in BC or the U.S.A.

The following are MLS sales and the average sale prices for all properties in Calgary in the past few years.

If you are thinking of buying or selling Real Estate anywhere, please give me a call I would like to help.

Rod Forsythe

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information provided by the Calgary real estate board. Opinions are by Rod

October 2012 Outlook for Calgary Alberta Real Estate by Rod Forsythe and the Calgary Real Estate Board

The population in Calgary and Alberta is growing, the oil industry is busy and the average age of a Calgarian is 15 to 20 years younger than that of Toronto or Vancouver.
There are some very good Real Estate numbers coming out of Calgary in 2012.
Luxury Home Sales over $1,000,000 are up over 8% and these sale numbers rival the boom years of 2006 and 2007.
Country Residential Property unit sales are up about 8% over last year and the prices are have come off about 4% year over Year. The average price in 2012 is $790,673 YTD down from $816,655 in 2011.
Single family homes in Calgary unit sales are up just over 8% year over year and the average benchmark price has gone up to $433,300 in 2012 from $399,700 in 2011. (This number has stayed consistent since June of 2012 when the Benchmark price was $430,800)
Condominiums have increased in value about $9000 year over year setting the new benchmark price at $279,000 in 2012. Unit sales for Condominiums have increased about 8% in 2012.
We are getting older. Yes 10,000 people a day for the next 18 years will turn 65 in North America. Mature housing will be a vibrant part of our Real Estate landscape for a longtime…
I have helped people buy and sell Calgary Real Estate since 1986. If I can be of service please contact me.
Rod Forsythe Keller Williams Real Estate Calgary Alberta Canada
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A special note to our American friends in the North East, We wish you well and know you will recreate your environment with patience and ease. All the Best from Calgary Alberta Canada

Calgary Alberta Real Estate update July 2012

Calgary’s resale housing market continues to shine compared with July 2012.


According to the Calgary Real Estate Board, month-to-date from July 1-18, total MLS sales in the city of 1,181 are up 26.31 per cent from the same period last year and the average sale price has jumped by 3.49 per cent to $424,880.


In the single-family market, sales have increased by 28.53 per cent to 847 and the price has risen by 3.24 per cent to $475,428.


The condo apartment market has seen sales increase by 20.39 per cent to 183 and the price grow by 4.50 per cent to $284,463.


Information supplied by Rod Forsythe// Keller Williams Realty and the Calgary Real Estate Board


And in the condo townhouse category, sales of 151 are 21.77 per cent higher than a year ago but the average price has fallen by 0.99 per cent to $311,522.

Calgary Alberta October Real Estate Update

Rod Forsythe’s insights on the Calgary market for September 2011.

September Data for the Calgary Real estate market 2011

The Calgary Real Estate market is looking a lot like a market that is waiting to get going somewhere; this market has been rock solid over the past year and it looks like average sales #s will continue at this pace for a while. The strong news in the Calgary Market is that properties over $1 million dollars are still outpacing the rest of the market in fact sales are up about 20% in this category over 2010.

A wise man once said “if you wait to see what everyone else does you will be behind when they do something”. Maybe think about what the experts are saying, the average home price has remained the same for the last year or so, the world economy isn’t doing very well and the prices of Calgary Real Estate haven’t softened in over a year, Calgary Oil companies are already worried about finding enough staff for 2012 & 2013 and if you are set up in a strong financial position or just thinking of getting into this market the mortgage rates are at historic lows.

My Team and I would love to help you with your Real Estate and are proud to continue to help people buy and sell great homes in and around Calgary including Bearspaw, Springbank, Cochrane and Airdrie.

Quote for the month
“Wake up when you open your eyes. Go to bed a half hour earlier. Listen with care to those speaking to you. Treat your body to a great diet; remember our bodies are the most magical creation on the planet. Learn something new and share it, read a great book and post a review. Call a friend and say hello. Schedule what you love to do and do it. When you shake someone’s hand make sure you look into there eyes and say hello to their soul as well, Laugh out loud and smile at a stranger.
Roddy Forsythe

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Calgary Real estate update June 2nd 2011

Rod Forsythe’s Calgary Real Estate Market update for May 2011

The average price for single family homes in May 2011 was $489,482 and the median price $423,000, comparable to levels recorded last year. Single family home sales were 1,313 in May 2011, a 5 per cent increase over last year, while 2,552 listings came to market, a 14 per cent decline over the same period last year. Calgary Real Estate Board
The numbers tell the truth we are not yet back to a normal market as far as sales of property in Calgary goes.

The good news is inventory levels are down to a 3 or 4 month supply, new home builds cost more today because of the increased fees on the land component for the developers, interest rates remain at the lowest levels we can remember (these rates could be the lowest rates we will see in our lifetimes) and we live in Calgary Alberta Canada.

Single family home sales are still below the averages of 2003 & 2004. condominium sales are the weakest part of our market and pricing reflects this, recreational acreage properties are performing well and the surprising part of our market is the $700,000 plus price point. Homes sales above $700,000 in Calgary are up a whooping 50% from this period last year. The people with money seem to be investing and or repositioning at a high level in our market place again.

Calgary and Alberta are touted to be bright spots as we move back to a balanced market and some experts are predicting another boom in the next few years. It has been my observation since 1986, that when the real estate market is under performing you buy and when the market is over performing you sell.

Reality and cautious optimism are back, affordability is high and the economic indicators are all around us.

If you’re thinking about buying and selling this is a great time to reposition across the market. The experts still agree Alberta is a great place to live and that this is a good time to invest in real estate again.

Whatever your Calgary Real estate needs might be, my team and I are ready to serve you….

“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, or not to anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.”

Have a great day and please call me for any information you might require,

Rod Forsythe

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