Is a Final Walk-Through on your purchase required?

Your walkthrough one business day before possession can be a benefit. At the Forsythe Group we write this into every contract for every buyer we represent, whether a home, a condo or a Luxury Home we suggest you should do this. After all it gives our buyer’s the opportunity to assess the home top-to-bottom before moving in.4

1. Have a copy of your contract handy. These documents will help you determine what is and is not included and any repairs the seller’s said they would do.

2. Inspect both the exterior and interior of the home, paying special attention to any issues the seller agreed to resolve before closing. This is crucial, especially if the seller has already vacated. Spend some time assessing the landscape and grounds, as well as confirming that all doors and windows not only open and close properly, but are also secure.

8th Ave Print (16)3. Inside the home, test the heating system and the air conditioning unit if there is one. Test all appliances and turn on taps as well as flush toilets. Turn on and off all lights, both inside and outside, and check the temperature and water pressure for all faucets.

4. Before completing the final walk-through, be sure to check keys to every door, alarm codes, garage openers, postal delivery, trash pickup day and any appliance or system manuals. It’s also a good idea to ask for copies of receipts for any repairs the sellers paid for.

Updates for February 2016, Calgary, Alberta

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Calgary’s Real Estate Market remains soft. With average sales off 10% year over year, and 45% off since 2014, it is a wonderful time to buy and a great market to move across!

Click the link below for a concise description of Calgary’s Real Estate Marketplace provided by CREB.

Calgary Regional Housing Market Statistics: February